Money Movers 3

How to play Money Movers 3

Hurry: the two brothers are trying to escape from their prison cells! Wait… You’ve experienced this game before, but from the other side - the roles have been reversed! In Money Movers 3, you play as the guard and his trusty dog to apprehend the robbers before they get away. 

Move the guard and his dog around the platform mazes and lead them to the thieves in the popular Money Movers series. You start off by jumping across the platforms and using buttons to open doors, but will soon have to make more risky maneuvers to arrest the bandits.

Play this game on your own and juggle moving two characters at the same time, or play with a friend and work together to catch the crooks. Good luck!

Game Controls

  • WASD to move one character
  • Arrow keys to move the other

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Who created Money Movers?

This two-player puzzle game was developed by Agame.

When was Money Movers 3 released?

This money game came out in November of 2017.